Junior Dos Santos lookin’ swole, son. Reblog if you think he’ll win his trilogy fight against Cain Velasquez next month.


Junior Dos Santos lookin’ swole, son. Reblog if you think he’ll win his trilogy fight against Cain Velasquez next month.

UFC 166: Velasquez vs Dos Santos 3

I really want to see this fight, but I can’t. Damn it. I would go to a bar and check it out, but I’m too shy and scared to go alone like a fucking loser. People would be like, “Hey, look at that loser that came alone because he has no friends so he decided to come here to watch the fight. Loser! I bet he likes anime too, hahaha”, then everyone would laugh and someone would throw a pancake at me and I’ll just run away wiping tears from my face. 

Anyway, I am rooting for Dos Santos. Yes, I want Junior to win that belt back and even though I know Junior is a bad-ass, Cain is still an awesome fighter so it could go either way. 

Here are my other predictions:

  • Cormier vs Big Country
    -I was first going for Nelson, but I’ve been watching those Count Down videos and I have to say that Cormier grew on me. Now I don’t know who to root for. But, I guess I’ll go with Cormeir via KO.

  • Melendez vs Sanchez
    -Now this should be a war. Diego is just intense and will go all out in the octagon. This should be a good fight and I’m going with Diego for the win via decision.  

  • Gonzaga vs Jordan
    -Gonzaga via submission. 

  • Dodson vs Montague
    -Dodson via KO.

  • Boetsch vs Dollaway
    -Dollaway via decision. 

  • Marquardt vs Lombard
    -Marquart via KO.

  • Kaufman vs Eye
    -Hmm.. Eye via Sharingan. 

  • Sotiraplopolulos vs Noons
    -Sotiropoulos via submission. 

It’s going to be Halloween soon, and I will be doing nothing again. I love Halloween and Christmas but I never do anything in those days. I just stay home like always. It sucks being a loser. 

Football vs Baseball

I love how George Carlin describes Football. It’s Making me look forward to Sunday. Go Pack go!

I hate me so much. 

Having conversations in my head with people I never met, people I don’t talk to and with people that don’t exist. Playing out scenarios in my head that will never happen. 

I have a daily routine where I make my coffee and then I drive to this parking lot close to my gym. I always have my morning coffee and cigarette there because I always find a spot to just relax as I see other people go on with their lives and I’m just there trying to hold on to a few minutes of peace before I go back to my shit-life. 

While there, I always have my radio on to some talk-radio stations (never music because of the amount of shit that they play) and they were talking about ‘Breaking Bad’ which was interesting. Anyway, as I was having a drag from my cigarette, they went to commercial by playing the intro of ‘Breaking Bad’ and I have to say, I felt like a bad-ass for those few seconds. As if that was my intro and I was, Heisenberg.

After that, I went back to my life as the worthless crap that I am. 

I wonder how long will it take to die from your car exhaust.. Like, if you shove a hose there and lead it to your driver seat by the window, and then making sure it would be sealed nicely.  

I still think ‘Breaking Bad’ should have had a 5 hours finale.